Officially started in October 1996, PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled environment) is a tactic used for organizing and managing people ventures in public and private sectors. It is used for tasks of different varieties and sizes. It is approved across 150 countries of the world as the chief best practice extends administration strategy. PRINCE2® is the genuine standard for extending administration practice in Europe, United Kingdom and other parts of the world. It is cited as the finest practice directive for supervising project angle, like Time, Cost, Quality, Scope, Risk, etc. and is being practiced in organizations in the past decade. PRINCE2 is compulsory for most of the ventures in the localities of UK and gaining popularity in different areas like Australia, Middle East, and India.

Till now, Eduslab™ has created Hundreds of project administration experts in all over India. Eduslab expanded its classrooms for PRINCE2 Training in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai almost all the urban areas of India.

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PRINCE2® (Project in Controlled Environment) is a practice-based attitude for project management and extend administration providing a meritoriously tailor-made and vivid technique for administration of a huge range of projects and tasks. This strategy is the widely acknowledged norm for project administration in the UK and is being practiced in other parts of the world also.

PRINCE2 separates the administrative parts of ventures or project work from professional commitments like design and development. Therefore, major parts of the projects can be efficiently assimilated into PRINCE2 strategy and when employed precisely by PRINCE2; gives a secure common system for the project or venture work.

PRINCE2 is accepted as true global standard due to the universal up-gradation of PRINCE@ examination, their preparations, and course material. Continuously increasing numbers of people are gaining an opportunity to benefit themselves from training classes and assertions which are easily reachable across the world.

The course which provides a thorough knowledge of PRINCE2 project administration strategy to the assignees is of 3 days duration. In this course, we acquaint the participants with parts, standards, topics and procedures which form the structure of PRINCE2 and explain various PRINCE2 management objects which empower agents to carry extends in ordered, stable and fortnight methods.

Prince2 Foundation Course:

The objective of this course is to offer the assignees with proper learning and knowledge of PRINCE2® strategy to gain an ability to do the work successfully with, (or as an individual) a venture or management group working in an atmosphere supporting PRINCE2. The Foundation proficiency is furthermore pre-essential for Practitioner proficiency. By the end of the course, the assignee must grasp the structure and important terminology of strategy; especially, the following:


Qualities and settings of venture and benefits of getting PRINCE2®


The reasons for PRINCE2®parts, administrative objects and topics

  • The PRINCE2® standards
  • The reasons, targets, and setting of PRINCE2® forms.


The PRINCE2® Foundation Examination is an hour long close book exam of 75 MCQ question paper. It contains five trail questions which are not counted in marking scheme. The percentage required for passing is 50% (35 marks out of 70).

Prince2 Practitioner course

This course is a part of PRINCE2 Training in Delhi. The motive behind Practitioner Proficiency is to confirm if the candidate has achieved proper knowledge of applying and fitting PRINCE2® in the state of affairs. An efficient Practitioner aspirant should be reasonable with the course and possess the ability to apply the methods to genuine projects. However, it is possible that they are not that much talented to apply this suitably for in all the situations. The factors affecting the Practitioners’ achievement during the course are their project administration aptitude, the changeability of the venture and the assistance provided for the application of ORINCE2® at their workplaces.

Aspirants must have the ability to apply and fit PRINCE2® properly to a project in an organization or situation supporting PRINCE2®. Especially, the candidates must have to

  • Grasp the linking between parts, administration objects, standards, topics, methods and procedures.
  • Be prepared for applying standards, topics and procedures to a project.
  • Be prepared to create and review administration projects.

The Practitioner Examination is a 150 minutes open-book objective test examination in light of given circumstances. You have to solve eight questions of 10 marks each aggregating the marks to 80. The percentage required for passing is 55% (44 marks out of 80).


Up-gradation of PRINCE2 from its previous version PRINCE strategy was motivated by user built changes, extend management experts and an audit board of 150 public and private sector organizations. The product developed at the end of up-gradation is a genuinely best practice tool which can be adequately adaptable to be custom fitted to the organization and can be used effectually for a large number of ventures. The most prominent feature is, it is an adaptable strategy and can be applied to a huge range of ventures.


Advantages to Count On


PRINCE2 illustrates built-up and demonstrates finest practice and management for project administration. It can be applied to venture of any type. It can be executed without much difficulty to authority and industry-specific model. The strategy which is generally, professed and understood advances fascinating correspondence by providing a classic vocabulary to all project participants.

Additionally, the technology serves with a motive of making the members to visualize everybody’s parts and needs by training to expressively acknowledge venture duties. There is a well-described structure for responsibilities, appointment, experts and correspondence.

Some of the prominent benefits are:

  • It encourages consistency of work of the venture and enhances the capability to reuse extend resources. It promotes staff movability and reduces the effects of faculty changes.
  • It is an important suggestive tool which encourages the confirmation and appraisals of venture work, examining and reviews.
  • The strategies are thoroughly proposed to solve the problems of various levels of administration, enhancing correspondence and control.
  • It makes sure that the member focuses on the appropriateness of the venture concerning its business purposes and not on just finishing the venture as an end in it.
  • It defines a watchful but financial structure of reports.
  • It makes sure that partners (patrons and asset providers) are communicating properly with organization and important leader.


Achieving PRINCE2 advances learning and continuous changes in organizations. This will explain what a venture is going to carry, why, when, by whom and for whom. A proficient and financial utilization of administration time depends upon an ‘administration by exception’ system, regardless of administration levels, whether corporate, program, project board or venture.

Content of the Course

  • PRINCE2® provides a venture with a skillful and well-organized beginning, center phase, and conclusion.
  • Grasping the practical based tactic of PRINCE2® for extending administration.
  • Gain knowledge about the importance of general audits of advance over design and business case.
  • Learn about the importance of the role of administration and partners at exact time and place within the venture and importance of open communication between the ventures, extend administration and whichever segments left of the organization.
  • Concentrate on what the enterprise requires to convey by segmenting venture into real items.
  • Learn to delegate, monitor and regulate.
  • Practice change of control, delegate change approval for prompt straightforward leadership.
  • Improve the abilities of venture administration and capabilities of staff of the association at all levels.
  • After achieving practitioner certification, participants can instantly come out of any circumstances.

The workshop Proceedings:

  • Three days of the classroom or instructor-driven online training.
  • A hard copy of courseware.
  • Courseware approved by PEOPLECERT.
  • Course fee excluding PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2Practitioner Exam fees.
  • Course presented by the certified proficient instructor.
  • Internationally accepted Project Management Certification.
  • Providing you with an ability to lead PRINCE2 project team with expertise as a project manager.
  • Opens you doors of a bright career.
  • Includes Training, Examination and Certification fee with 2 Mock tests.
  • 180 days of complementary best-quality PRINCE2 E-Learning Access.
  • Opportunity to gain 16 Contact Hours (PDU) Certificate
  • Access to non-stop learning and premium access to PRINCE2 job portal.

Particulars of Certifications

  • Three days course with 24 hours of instructor driven training.
  • The cost of training includes three days of classroom/online training, PDU’s Certification e, Training Material and stationary.
  • The course format is designed for case study based training method.
  • Mock Exam is conducted at 4.00PM on the third day of training. The exam is of 1-hour duration.
  • The authorized certificates will be dispatched to candidates within seven working days from PRINCE2 Exam Board.

PRINCE2® Foundation :


There are no eligibility criteria for PRINCE2®Fondation Certification Exam, but it is advisable to have basic knowledge of project management.


Pattern of Examination

The exam will be a computer-based one which will be conducted immediately after PRINCE2® Foundation Course. You will get the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification on passing the examination. The format is as follows:

  • MCQs
  • Total 75 questions
  • Five trail questions not included in the score
  • Passing percentage is 50%
  • Duration- 60 minutes
  • Closed Book Exam

PRINCE2® Practitioner:



The candidate must possess the following identity for appearing in PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam.

  • PRINCE2® Foundation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • A Certified Projects Director for IPMA Level A®
  • A Certified Senior Project Manager for IPMA Level B®
  • A Certified Project Manager for IPMA Level C®
  • A Certified Project Management Associate for IPMA Level D®


Pattern of Examination

The exam is a computer-based one conducted at the end of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Course. The PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification will be awarded on passing the examination. The format of the exam is as follows:

  • Objective Type questions
  • Total eight questions are containing ten sub-questions, each of one mark.
  • Required percentage of passing is 55% (44marks out of 80)
  • Duration- 150 minutes (2 and half hours), no extra time will be provided for reading.
  • Open book exam (Use of official PRINCE2 manual is allowed only)


Will I be eligible to get a full refund in case I decide not to continue the course any further?

Yes. You are eligible for a full or partial refund as per the Eduslab refund policy. Do read the details of the policy by clicking on the link given at the end of this page.

Can I switch from a classroom Batch of PRINCE2 training in Delhi to Live online Batch?

It is strongly recommended to continue with any one method for preparation to get a better learning experience. Still, if the circumstances are unavoidable, you can switch from classroom batch of PRINCE2 training in Delhi to live online batch after consulting with the Eduslab Contact point.

Do I have to carry any document to the training session? If yes, what is it?

Yes. You have to bring Photo ID proof such as National ID card or driving license which is necessary for the registration of PRINCE2 Exam.

Who ought to pursue this course?

This course is suitable for project supervisors and those who want to get promoted to the same post. The certification is necessary for: Practicing Project managers, Venture leads, PMO office specialists and any other expert striving to be a Project Manager.

Is there any provision for mass rebates for classroom training programs?

Yes. We do offer group rebates for the classroom training programs. For more details about collective concessions contact us at

Where is the classroom training held?

The venue is supposed to be informed One week prior to the training timetable, and you will be instructed by an email regarding the same. You can accordingly call our customer care desk or drop us an email at can also make use of the chat option available on our website for your queries.

What is the course outline for PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam?

PRINCE2® Foundation exam is taken after various decision designs, and Practitioner exam contains spellbinding inquiry arrange.

What is PRINCE2® Foundation training is all about?

PRINCE2® (Project in Controlled Environments) is one of the commonly accepted venture administration methodologies. It is a proven procedure based approach towards extend administration delivering effectively custom-fitted and flexible strategy for the management of a variety of projects.

What are the eligibility criteria for PRINCE2® exams?

There are no specific eligibility criteria for attempting PRINCE2® Foundation Exam. However, considering the end goal of settling for PRINCE2®Practitioner exam, the candidate has to pass PRINCE2® Foundation exam.