Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


Lean Six Sigma is a joint managerial idea of Lean and Six Sigma with a motive to improvise performance by methodically eliminating eight types of waste (Muda). Lean usually focuses on the removal of the seven types of waste(Muda) which includes

# Defects

# Overproduction

# Transportation

# Waiting

# Inventory

# Motion

# Over-processing

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Six Sigma Green Belt  puts efforts to enhance the output of the process by identifying and clearing the defects and controlling inconsistencies in production and business processes. In cooperation with two or more companies, Lean anticipates to complete continuous chain by making strong connections between process stages while Six Sigma focuses on lessening procedure inconsistencies, in all possible structures, for all process stages and in turn empower safeguarding the connections. Simply put, the primary focus of Lean is to disclose the sources of inconsistencies in the process and the role of the Six Sigma is to diminish those inconsistencies and furthermore to empower a discreet cycle of continuously improved performance towards the goal of continuous flow.


Like Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma also uses the DMAIC phase which implies Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Any Lean Six Sigma projects include possible aspects of Lean’s waste (Muda) removal process, and Six Sigma focuses on lessening the defects, in light of critical to quality attributes. All the tools of Lean and Six Sigma are involved in the DMAIC toolbox. Similar to Six Sigma Training, Lean Six Sigma training is also delivered through belt based training structure.


Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are intensively trained specialists in Quality enhancement procedure, who will be able to apply Six Sigma standards to business processes and lead a quality enhancement activity. These specialists are highly educated in Six Sigma standard practices which can lead and shoulder the full responsibility for the large-scale quality enhancement projects with their set of skills. It is not a surprise that these experts can use all the standard principles and tools of Six Sigma for applying them to any project and delivering fantastic output in the quality improvement procedure. A Six Sigma Black Belt has a firm foot in all the phases of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) and can identify un-authorized components and procedures included.


The Professional with Lean Six Sigma Certification aim at achieving constant quality improvement by scrutinizing and caring the critical issues and creating a significant association. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is the fifth level of certification and comes after Green Belt (which concentrates on the use of tools, DMAIC and standard principles of Lean). The professionals certified with this can work as full-time project leaders. This gives them the authority to decide on the roles and responsibilities of their team members.


This course will provide you with reliable and precise knowledge of Lean Six Sigma Certification and its methodologies on removing the defects through quality improvement and inconsistencies diminishment by employing Six Sigma improvement methods. The course content efficiently covers the complete part of apparent Lean Six Sigma Black Belt subject massively. Our intensified course is aimed at enabling the candidate to explore the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification syllabus and prepare them for the certification exam.




From the course:

  • Learn the standards and logic behind the Lean Six Sigma techniques.
  • Learn to apply required techniques to improve the business process.
  • Design and represent Six Sigma projects.
  • Learn all the 5 phases of DMAIC in detail.
  • Work on analyzing the cause and fundamental statistical analysis on process volumes.
  • Learn to discriminate and manage wasteful (muda) processes.
  • Learn to examine day to day activities to lessen process duration and improve the quality.
  • Assess the issues precisely and quantitatively.
  • Use Lean Six Sigma methodology to increase productivity.
  • Lead Six Sigma team in your company and guide Yellow Belt candidates.
  • Prepare for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt / Black Belt Certification exam.


From the workshop:


  • 3-4 days Lean Six Sigma classroom training at Gurgaon and Delhi and other parts of the country.
  • Green Belt Certification
  • Best quality training from the skilled and experienced trainer.
  • Courseware can be downloaded.
  • End to end support through phone calls, emails, and direct visits.




Certification is not made compulsory yet. Still, it is suggested to take Lean Six Sigma certification training from a certified and licensed institution, and Eduslab™ is one of them. It is highly recommended (although not compulsory) that those appearing for the exam have at least some genuine Lean Six Sigma work knowledge and experience of applying it in projects.


Where is the classroom training held?

The location for the training is decided weeks before the training schedule, and you will be notified by email. You can also give a call to our Knowledge Counselors or can email us at info@eduslab.com. You can also make use of Chat facility available on our website for more information and queries.

Will I get a course completion Certificate?

Yes. We deliver course completion certificate after you complete the entire training program.

Is there any facility of group rebates for the training programs?

Yes. We offer group rebates for the training programs. For more details about the group, concessions contact us at info@eduslab.com

What is this course about?

Lean Six Sigma is an enhancement procedure for identifying and taking out the causes of defects in any business process and eliminating wastage of time and money. It works for controlling inconsistencies and administering minimum strategies which are used as a part of the stable structure. This course provides inside-out knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and its prominence in removing defects through process change and inconsistency depletion. The course content effectively covers the significant part of perceived Six Sigma Green  Belt syllabus in a detailed manner.

Are there any essentials required to appear for the exam?

There are no essentials required to sit for Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam.