Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma is a combined administrative idea of Lean and Six Sigma in order to improve the performance by systematically removing eight kinds of waste(Muda). Lean customarily concentrates on the disposal of the seven kind of waste (muda) which incorporates:

# Defects

# Overproduction

# Transportation

# Waiting

# Inventory

# Motion

# Over processing

Six Sigma tries to enhance the output of the process by recognizing and evacuating the defects and limiting the variability occurring in manufacturing and Business processes. Together with the cooperation of two or more organisations, Lean expects to accomplish persistent stream by making strong linkages between the process steps while Six Sigma concentrates on diminishing procedure variations, in all the possible structures, for all the process steps and hence in this way empowering securing of those linkages. To put it plainly, we may say the primary focus of Lean is to uncover the sources of the variations in the process and Six Sigma to lessen that variation and hence empowering a prudent cycle of frequentative improvised performance towards the objective of persistent flow.


Similar to Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma utilizes the DMAIC phase which implies Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. Any Lean Six Sigma projects contain the possible aspects of Lean’s waste (muda) disposal process and the Six Sigma concentrate on minimising the defects, in light of critical to quality attributes. The DMAIC toolbox of Lean Six Sigma involves all the Lean and Six Sigma tools. Similar to the training of Six Sigma, The training for Lean Six Sigma is given through the belt based training framework.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are profoundly prepared experts in Quality improvement procedure, who can apply Six Sigma standards to business procedures and lead a quality change activity. These experts being highly knowledgeable in the Six Sigma standard methodology can lead and accept full responsibility for the expansive scale quality improvement project with their skills. And, no wonder these experts are able to utilize all the standard principles and tools of Six Sigma, in order to apply them to any project and give astounding results in the quality improvement process. A Six Sigma Black Belt has an intensive establishing in all phases of D-M-A-I-C (Define, Measure, Analyze, Measure, Control), and can recognize non-esteem included components and processes.

Six Sigma certified professional take a shot at nonstop quality improvement by dissecting and taking care of value issues and making a superior association. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is the fifth level of certification (certified professionals are full-time project leader) and comes after the Green Belt (which focuses on the usage of tools, DMAIC and standard principles of Lena). Certified Black belts being a full-time project leader is responsible for allocating and deciding the roles of the team members.

This course will give you an intensive and definite comprehension of Lean Six Sigma and its techniques on disposing of defects through process improvement and variation diminishment by applying Six Sigma improvement projects. The course content proficiently covers the complete part of the perceived Lean Six Sigma Black Belt subjects in an extensive way. Our escalated course is intended to enable candidates to explore the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam syllabus and to set them up for the certification exams.



Advantages From the course:

  • Learn the standards and rationality behind the Lean Six Sigma technique
  • Learn to apply measurable techniques to enhance business processes
  • Design and actualize Six Sigma projects
  • Learn the DMAIC procedure (details of all the 5 phases)
  • Work on analysis the root cause and fundamental statistical analysis on process measurements
  • Learn to distinguish and control wasteful (muda) processes
  • Learn to assess day by day exercises, to diminish process duration, and enhance quality
  • Evaluate issues, factually and quantitatively
  • Increase productivity utilizing Lean Six Sigma philosophy
  • Lead the Six Sigma group in your association, and guide Green and Yellow Belts contenders
  • Prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt confirmation exam


Advantages From the workshop:

  • Classroom preparing: 2-3 days
  • TUV Black belt Certification
  • High-quality training from experienced educator
  • Downloadable course ware
  • End-to-end bolster by means of telephone, email and visit


Yet it is not mandatory, but It is suggested that Lean Six Sigma certification training should be done from some certified and qualifies institution, one of which incorporates EdusLab™. It is likewise prescribed (in spite of the fact that it not obligatory) that those sitting for the exam have some level of genuine Lean Six Sigma work understanding and venture application encounter.

Frequently asked questions:

Where is the classroom training held?

The area is resolved weeks in front of the preparation calendar and you will be kept notified through email. You can likewise call our Knowledge Counselor or send us an email at Info@eduslab.com. Besides, you can utilize our portal chat for more data and quick support.

Will I get a course completion certificate?

Yes, we offer course completion certificate after you effectively cover the entire preparation program

Is there any arrangement for group rebates for the Training programs?

Yes, we do offer group rebates for the preparation programs. Contact info@eduslab.com to find out about gathering concessions.

What is this course about?

Lean Six Sigma is an improvement procedure that recognizes and takes out the fundamental reasons of defects in any business procedure, and furthermore, diminishes wastage of time and assets. It goes for limiting variations and dispensing with minimal strategies that are utilized as a part of conventional settings. This course offers an inside and out comprehension of Lean Six Sigma and its emphasis on taking out defects through process change and variety diminishment. The course content proficiently covers the majority of the perceived Six Sigma Black Belt syllabus in a thorough way.

Is there any proviso for this examination?

There are no essentials required to sit for the TUV Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam